Open to Possibility: Jesse Wine Interviewed by Cassie Packard

The process of making, breaking, and remaking ceramic sculptures.

Four Poems by Imani Elizabeth Jackson

Ever-Present Emergency: Madeleine Watts Interviewed by Liza St. James

On writing a porous character and the crises that shape her.

COVID-19 Artist Resources
Covid 19 Artist Resources

A list of vital resources for ALL artists. New: Los Angeles Resources for Latinx Communities.

Dindga McCannon’s Mixed Media Adventures: Upcycling Plastic Bags

In this two-part workshop, McCannon will lead participants through her collage process.

Igniting the Relational: Youmna Chlala Interviewed by Mónica de la Torre​
She Holds The Wind In A Bag Youmna Chlala1

The language and objects of collective dreaming.

A Room with a View: Brontez Purnell & Bruce LaBruce
Brontez Rwav Homepage

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Brontez Purnell’s new collection, 100 Boyfriends.

BOMB 151, Spring 2020

Our spring issue features interviews with Chitra Ganesh, Tania Cypriano, Charles Atlas, Netta Yerushalmy, Vi Khi Nao, Amani Al-Thuwaini, Andrea Hasler, and Bruce Boone, as well as fiction from Verónica Gerber Bicecci, Justin Taylor, Rebecca Dinerstein Knight, and Lee Relvas, and poetry from Shuzo Takiguchi and Bruce Boone.

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151 Cover No Barcode
BOMB 152, Summer 2020

Our summer issue includes interviews with Amoako Boafo, Jibz Cameron, Brenda Goodman, Odili Donald Odita, Jenny Offill, Nicolas Party, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and Craig Taborn; poetry by Safia Elhillo and Nathaniel Mackey; prose by Lydia Davis, Marie-Helene Bertino, and Saidiya Hartman; and more.

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152 Cover
BOMB 153, Fall 2020

Our fall issue features interview with Erica Baum, Billy-Ray Belcourt, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Carolyn Lazard, Nathalie Léger, Martine Syms, and Rufus Wainwright; fiction by Kevin Brockmeier and C Pam Zhang; poetry by Yi Sang and Vijay Seshadri; nonfiction by Lorraine O’Grady and Paula Mónaco Felipe; a special project by Garrett Bradley; and more.

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Bomb Magazine 153 Cover
BOMB 154, Winter 2021

Our winter issue includes interviews with Tashi Dorji, Danielle Evans, Walton Ford, Guadalupe Maravilla, Mary Lovelace O’Neal, the Ross Brothers, and Aaron Turner; DIY cookbooklets from Dindga McCannon; poetry by Rae Armantrout, Imani Elizabeth Jackson, and Allison Parrish; prose by Langston Cotman, GennaRose Nethercott, and Brontez Purnell; a comic by Michael DeForge; protest drawings by Steve Mumford; and more.

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Light, Looking: Uta Barth by Sabine Mirlesse Eric Ross Unattainable Models and Personal Utopias: Zuzanna Czebatul Interviewed by Isabel Parkes Okwui Okpokwasili by Jenn Joy Outtakes Aesthesipol: Keith Sonnier by Betsy Sussler Tav Falco by Erik Morse Fiston Mwanza Mujila & Roland Glasser by Sofia Samatar Joe Fyfe by Josh Blackwell Matías Piñeiro by Clinton Krute Paul McCarthy by Benjamin Weissman Christa Maiwald by Alyssa E. Fanning F*cking Poetry by Susie DeFord Roman Signer by Armin Senser Parallel Lines: Dany Johnson Interviewed by Richard Boch Sarah Schulman by Milyoung Cho Joe Wenderoth by Paola Capó García Art As Negotiation: Jason Hirata Interviewed by Joseph Lubitz Michael Smith by Rosemary Hochschild Olivia Wyatt by Jonathan Andrews

From the BOMB Archives

A selection of some of our favorites from the archives.

Sharon Olds by Amy Hempel
Olds 01 Body

This interview is featured, along with thirty-four others, in our anthology BOMB: The Author Interviews.

Titus Kaphar by Jason Stanley
142017 Absconded From The Household Of The President Of The United States

The artist’s works amend the white supremacist mythology contained in American monuments and historical paintings: “Democracy requires a clear understanding of the past, including its mistakes.”

Untitled by Cindy Sherman
Article 201 5  Sherman
Four Poems by Maggie Nelson
Maggie Cover

I planned to write a book about / the color blue. Now I’m suddenly surrounded / by green, green gagging me / pleasurably, green holding onto my hips / from behind, digging into / the cleft, the cleft // that can be made.